Blooket Code for Fishing Frenzy

blooket code for fishing frenzy

On our blog we will share here blooket code for fishing fenzy. Blooket Fishing Frenzy is a game mode in the Blooket educational gaming platform. In Fishing Frenzy, players answer questions to reel in blooks, which are digital creatures. The rarity of the blook depends on how quickly the player answers the question. The faster the player answers, the rarer the blook.

Each blook has a weight, which is determined by its rarity. The higher the weight, the more points the blook is worth. The goal of the game is to catch as many blooks as possible and earn the most points.

In addition to blooks, players can also catch lure upgrades, distractions, and fishing frenzies. Lure upgrades help players catch higher rarity blooks. Distractions make it more difficult for other players to catch blooks. Fishing frenzies increase the chances of catching high rarity blooks for a short period of time.

Fishing Frenzy is a fun and challenging game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It is a great way to learn new things and improve your skills.

There is no blooket code for Fishing Frenzy. Fishing Frenzy is a built-in game mode in Blooket, and there are no codes that can be used to modify it.

There are some hacks that can be used to give you an unfair advantage in Fishing Frenzy. These hacks are not officially supported by Blooket, and they can get you banned from the game.

If you are looking to play Fishing Frenzy fairly, then there is no need to use any codes or hacks. The game is challenging enough as it is, and you will be rewarded for your skills and knowledge.

Here are some tips for playing Fishing Frenzy:

  • Answer the questions as quickly as possible. The faster you answer, the more points you will earn.
  • Focus on the higher-value blooks. These blooks are worth more points, so they will help you score higher.
  • Use power-ups to your advantage. Power-ups can help you answer questions more quickly, or they can give you a boost in points.
  • Don’t give up! Fishing Frenzy can be challenging, but it is also a lot of fun. Keep practicing, and you will eventually become a master angler.

How to add github script of fishing frenzy

Visit this link:

Watch this video:

Blooket Code for Fishing Frenzy

Here is the revised version of the code that will work better. This code is updated as of October 2023.

(async () => {
// Create an iframe element to isolate alerts, prompts, and confirms
let iframe = document.createElement(‘iframe’);

// Override global alert, prompt, and confirm with iframe’s functions
window.alert = iframe.contentWindow.alert.bind(iframe.contentWindow);
window.prompt = iframe.contentWindow.prompt.bind(iframe.contentWindow);
window.confirm = iframe.contentWindow.confirm.bind(iframe.contentWindow);

// Remove the iframe after using it to isolate the functions

function getReactOwner() {
const appDiv = document.querySelector(‘#app > div > div’);
return Object.values(appDiv.children[1]._owner);

if (window.location.pathname !== ‘/play/fishing’) {
alert(‘You must be in a fishing frenzy game!’);
} else {
const lureInput = prompt(‘What do you want to set your lure to? (1 – 5)’);
const lure = Number(parseFloat(lureInput)) – 1;

if (isNaN(lure) || lure < 0 || lure > 4) {
alert(‘Invalid input. Lure set to 0.’);
} else {
getReactOwner().stateNode.setState({ lure: lure });
alert(‘Lure set!’);

function createFooter() {
const footerDiv = document.createElement(‘div’); = `font-family: “Nunito”, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; height: 65px; width: 175px; border: 4px solid rgb(15, 15, 15); background: rgb(240, 240, 240); position: absolute; top: 20px; left: 20px; border-radius: 10px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); text-align: center;`;
footerDiv.innerHTML = `<p>Made by gliz <br> My <a style=”color: #0000ff;” href=”” target=”_blank”>twitter</a></p>`;

let pos1 = 0, pos2 = 0, pos3 = 0, pos4 = 0;

footerDiv.onmousedown = (e = window.event) => {
pos3 = e.clientX;
pos4 = e.clientY;
document.onmouseup = () => {
document.onmouseup = null;
document.onmousemove = null;
document.onmousemove = (e) => {
e = e || window.event;
pos1 = pos3 – e.clientX;
pos2 = pos4 – e.clientY;
pos3 = e.clientX;
pos4 = e.clientY;
let top = (footerDiv.offsetTop – pos2) > 0 ? (footerDiv.offsetTop – pos2) : 0;
let left = (footerDiv.offsetLeft – pos1) > 0 ? (footerDiv.offsetLeft – pos1) : 0; = top + “px”; = left + “px”;


Watch the video given above to execute this code!

How to Hack Fishing Frenzy Blooket

Here are a few ways to hack Fishing Frenzy Blooket. One way is to use a cheat code. Cheat codes are sequences of characters that can be entered into the game to give you an unfair advantage. However, cheat codes are not officially supported by Blooket, and they can get you banned from the game.

Another way to hack Fishing Frenzy Blooket is to use a mod. Mods are modifications to the game that can change the way it works. Mods can be used to give you more points, catch more blooks, or even make yourself invincible. However, mods are also not officially supported by Blooket, and they can get you banned from the game.

You can also hack Fishing Frenzy Blooket by exploiting a bug in the game. Bugs are errors in the game’s code that can be used to give you an unfair advantage. However, bugs are often patched by Blooket, so this is not a reliable way to hack the game.

If you are considering hacking Fishing Frenzy Blooket, I would advise against it. Hacking the game is against the rules, and you could get banned. Additionally, hacking the game is not fair to other players who are playing the game legitimately.

How to Play Fishing Frenzy in Blooket solo

  • You can create a private game and invite yourself as the only player.
  • You can play against the computer. Blooket has a built-in AI that can play Fishing Frenzy.
  • You can also try playing Fishing Frenzy by yourself and pretend that you are competing against other players.


No matter you play fishing frenzy in blooket solo or with your friends. You should be able to enjoy it to the fullest with our guide to the blooket code for fishing frenzy.

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